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Hi everyone !

Autumn is my favorite time of the year. I love this weather so much mostly because of fashion.I love getting my sweaters and coats out of my wardrobe. I wish I could live all year long in October and November!  Monochrome and more minimalist looks are definitly my thing at the moment, I mostly wear grey, black and white. I'm slowly making my wardrobe more and more simple and filled with basic pieces and I finally found my style.

I love to add a pop of colour with a bag, a hat or any other accessories and shoes. I'm currently living in my new Puma trainers, I love how they go with everything even if they are green. They make every outfit a little bit more casual. 

My baker boy hat is from Pimkie, but you can find similar ones litteraly everywhere at the moment. Here are some options from Asos. Click to shop !

Glamorous Baker Boy Cap in Navy 
Brixton Cord Baker Boy Hat 
Asos Check Baker Boy Hat 

My grey coats really are my autumn and winter essentials. I'm still lookin…

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