Saturday, 10 June 2017

My 4 Summer Beauty Essentials

Summer is just around the corner now, and I have some beauty favorites to talk about !
During summer, I definitely tone it down, and go for natural make up and I take more time on skin care. But I still have some bits and bobs that I use daily during summertime

1.        Cover girl tru blend blush

I bought this when I was in California last year, and i’m still in love with it. This is the best blush I’ve ever used ! it’s glowy, and very pigmented, so you have to go easy on it. Everytime I’m wearing it, I get compliment about my glowy pinky cheeks. It’s so affordable as well ! yay !

 305 Deep Mauve

2. Pivoine Flora L’occitane Hand creme

I wasn’t the type of person that hydrates her hands, but since I got this lil gem, I love to do it! 
The peony scent is everything ! And it leaves your hands so soft and fresh. I always keep it in my handbag. I secretly want to buy the entire Pivoine collection because I love it so much. 

2.    Nude nails

I have these three babes that I wore everyday for month now, they are my go to!
 I used to wear everycolor on the planet on my nails during summertime when I was younger, I definitely got tired of it because I can barely stand red on my nails now. I love these three shades, they go perfectly with every skin color.

Kiko Power pro Nail laquer 26 (nude)
Kiko Power pro Nail Laquer 05 (taupe)

Chanel 521 Rose caché 

3.     Nyx eyeshadows

Nyx is one of my favorite make up brand, cheap but good quality. These two are so cute, I love to wear them together, or alone with just a bit of mascara. They are glittery and super easy to apply with any brush !!

Purple : Prismatic shadows PS02 Punk Heart

Pink : Hot Single Eye Shadows HS70 Heat 


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Thursday, 1 June 2017

5 Summer/Spring Outfits For June

Happy June 1st everyone !

Summer is just around the corner now, and I can’t wait to chill at the beach in beautiful Spain next month !

Here’s 5 outfit to look super trendy on sunny days this month !

  Long Dresses are perfect for work, for a everyday life, when it's too hot but you don't feel like going around in shorts. I love this trend SO MUCH, it's so elegant, classy, and chic. I love how you can make it more casual with sneakers or slippers. 

This colour is definitely IN at the moment, it's everywhere ! This is such a great colour to wear when you have a little bit of a tan ! Don't be scared to go total red look, like here, with a red stripes shirt and a red skirt ! 

Same thing for pink ! Let your inner Rizzo stand out with a full pink look, and pair it with pale/nude vintage  accessories and shoes ! I love this look, and it's perfect for summer ! You can be even more extra by doing matching pink outfit with your bff. 

I've seen these types of outfit EVERYWHERE on Pinterest and I'm really digging it. Super easy and fresh, perfect for a spring day. Wear your vintage Levis, and a white blouse of your choice, let your hair down, natural make up (or no make up at all) and voilà ! 

Risqué but super cute. Make sure you don't wear this if you're doing any messy of anything that could potentially stain your outfit haha ! I love love love this look, i think white looks SO GOOD on everyone, it's so fresh and "clean" you know ? 

Thanks so much for reading me today ! What's your favorite one? 
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Saturday, 27 May 2017

Why We All Need A Killer Jacket In Our Closet

          All my life, i’ve been looking for THE jacket. You know, the one that make you feel extra confident, super hot and super cool. 
The jacket that goes with everything you own, and that you can wear everyday of the year.

« A jacket to kick someone’s ass » like it’s said on the show Girlboss.

 I’ve been so inspired by this jacket and the meaning of it on the show (if you haven’t seen it yet, GO NOW, it’s the best show ever)
This is definitely the thing you will spend money on, and that will be worth it, because you will wear it FOREVER. And even when you will grow and stop wearing it eventually, i twill still be the gem of your closet, nobody will be able to touch or wear it. And you will probably never wash it, because you’ll want to keep every memories on it. Like a pair of Dr Martens ( I know you have that pair)

It might take years to find it.You can go designer, or vintage, or high street.... You'll just know when you'll find THE ONE. 

I recently order one that might be it. I’ll just wait to tell if it’s the one when i’ll wear it. But I feel like that jacket is gonna change my life. I need this jacket. I need a boost of confidence for going back to college after summer. I’m probably gonna move out from the family home and go live a new city where I don’t know anybody. So yeah, please Nasty Gal, send the jacket to me ASAP!!!

When I see my powerful jacket in my dreams, I see leather, I see a vintage look to it… I see black, and a bit of colour.

I need this jacket to walk in a fierce way to my new college, my new appartment, my new life, my ADULT LIFE. You feel me ?

What do you see for your powerful jacket ?
 Have you found it yet ? TELL ME !!!!!

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Monday, 24 April 2017

Insta Love #2

Still scrolling and still loving stuff on Instagram. Here's my second Insta Love post on my blog, ENJOY. 

★Lotte's Asos pink glasses 

This is very cool, and very useless. GORGEOUS. 

★Alice Catherine's Suzane shirt 

I love a good pyjama shirt. Looks effortlessly chic. 

★PrettyLittleFawn's Prada

What's better than a bag ? A Prada bag 

★Bella Hadid's REAL LOVE hoodie. 

It's real love. Nothing more to add. 

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Friday, 7 April 2017

Sandro Insprired DIY Denim Jacket [Easy]

I saw this Sandro Jacket on a blog a few weeks ago, and since, i'm dying to actually make my own with an old denim jacket of mine. 

Okay it's kind of messy but it's easy ! 

You will need : 

-An old denim jacket
-White pearls beads, or these cute half sticky ones I found at Sostene Green. 

And...Follow these 3 steps : 

1. Cut cut cut 

I want my jacket to have a whole new look, so i'm cutting it. it's very trendy at the moment so here we go. You can also cut the collar, like the actual Sandro one! Try and not cut the pocket, if you have to, you'll just have to sew them back.

2. Pick and Print


Use the symbol tool on Word and make differents sizes or the stars, or any shape you want. Cut them, and draw the outlines on your jacket. I decided to put on both sleeves and one at the front of the jacket. 

3. Glue ! 

Okay this is the part when it gets messy and tricky, I've used a glue gun, but i'm pretty sure you can also use Super Glue or a textile glue. For the glue gun, I was using a little plastic stick to put the glue on the jacket, and then stick the pearls. That was easier ! You don't need that much glue, try to use the least as possible. It's hard at the beginning, but when you find your way to do it, it's okay ! 

And stick stick stick (for hours..) until you're done ! 

And voilà ! 

I really like how this turned out ! I look like a 2001 Pop singer and i'm loving it. 

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Monday, 6 March 2017

The Beginner's Guide to a Perfect Skin.

I've been trying to stick to a skin routine for a few month now, and it's working pretty well! 
I'm trying to be more natural in my make-up looks, and it requires a good skin situation. My goal is to be able to love my face without make up, but still taking care of it. Not wearing make up is not a reason not to wash ,clean your face, and hydrate it everyday. 

One of my mains inspo at the moment are Phoebe Tonkin and Lucy Hale. On their instragrams they aren't wearing make up most of the time, and they look flawless. 

Today i'm gonna try to help you to reach that goal, because as fun as make up is, it feels so good to have a natural fresh face when you wake up. 

(PS : I personally don't have strong acne or any specific skin problems, make sure to use product adapted to your skin. )

1. Find a good micellar water. 

This is the base of every skin care routine. This can be used in the morning to take off every last bit of make up, or just to refresh your face before anything else, and also at night to take off your face and eye make up. It can take a few try to find the one you will love and adopt. 

There is very different ranges of prices for these types of product. I found mine in a drugstore for less than 10$. The most famous one is the Bioderma, but some other brands have some good ones as well, like Garnier or even Sephora. 

2. Find a hydrating cream adapted to your skin. 

This is very important to choose carefuly and to know what type of skin you have, and what problem you want to fix. If you have a dry skin, or a greasy one, it's not gonna be the same product. Don't just buy what other peole buy ! Find a cream you can use daily.  

I've talked about it before on my blog, I like to use my Polaar cream I got in a birchbox, but there is plenty in so many different brands and prices. 

3. Find the perfect face mask for your needs. 

And the best place for this is obvioulsy LUSH. Fresh and natural products is the best you can offer to your skin. And it's not that expensive, so that's perfect. 

You can find any type of face masks there, for every needs. I personally need a exfoliating one, to get rid of dead skin and blackheads, so I love to use the Cup o' Coffee mask, I use it once or twice a week, and leave it for like 10 minutes, and it leaves my skin SO SOFT. 

4. The final step : Stick to your routine! 

Make a list, write in on your mirror, on your journal, on your phone, to remind you to do it. If you're a lazy gurl like me, you know the struggle. But it's worth it ! 

Now you can wake up with a fresh face every day (almost) and try to say goodbye to your foundation! 

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