Monday, 6 March 2017

The Beginner's Guide to a Perfect Skin.

I've been trying to stick to a skin routine for a few month now, and it's working pretty well! 
I'm trying to be more natural in my make-up looks, and it requires a good skin situation. My goal is to be able to love my face without make up, but still taking care of it. Not wearing make up is not a reason not to wash ,clean your face, and hydrate it everyday. 

One of my mains inspo at the moment are Phoebe Tonkin and Lucy Hale. On their instragrams they aren't wearing make up most of the time, and they look flawless. 

Today i'm gonna try to help you to reach that goal, because as fun as make up is, it feels so good to have a natural fresh face when you wake up. 

(PS : I personally don't have strong acne or any specific skin problems, make sure to use product adapted to your skin. )

1. Find a good micellar water. 

This is the base of every skin care routine. This can be used in the morning to take off every last bit of make up, or just to refresh your face before anything else, and also at night to take off your face and eye make up. It can take a few try to find the one you will love and adopt. 

There is very different ranges of prices for these types of product. I found mine in a drugstore for less than 10$. The most famous one is the Bioderma, but some other brands have some good ones as well, like Garnier or even Sephora. 

2. Find a hydrating cream adapted to your skin. 

This is very important to choose carefuly and to know what type of skin you have, and what problem you want to fix. If you have a dry skin, or a greasy one, it's not gonna be the same product. Don't just buy what other peole buy ! Find a cream you can use daily.  

I've talked about it before on my blog, I like to use my Polaar cream I got in a birchbox, but there is plenty in so many different brands and prices. 

3. Find the perfect face mask for your needs. 

And the best place for this is obvioulsy LUSH. Fresh and natural products is the best you can offer to your skin. And it's not that expensive, so that's perfect. 

You can find any type of face masks there, for every needs. I personally need a exfoliating one, to get rid of dead skin and blackheads, so I love to use the Cup o' Coffee mask, I use it once or twice a week, and leave it for like 10 minutes, and it leaves my skin SO SOFT. 

4. The final step : Stick to your routine! 

Make a list, write in on your mirror, on your journal, on your phone, to remind you to do it. If you're a lazy gurl like me, you know the struggle. But it's worth it ! 

Now you can wake up with a fresh face every day (almost) and try to say goodbye to your foundation! 

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Saturday, 18 February 2017

Reproduce 2017 NYFW Runway looks for less ! [Marc Jacobs, Ralf Lauren]

Who would'nt want to be dressed like runway models ? But with Asos prices ! I'm here to help you ! I chose 2 different looks, from 2 different designers, and I've hunted Polyvore to find a cheaper alternative to every pieces. 

★Marc Jacobs. 

I LOVE this look. First because i'm a monochrome lady, I love black/grey/white outfits. And I love the preppy vibes, kind of a 2017 version of a monochrome Blair Waldorf. 


This is an ASOS coat, it's on sale, and it's available in the Petite and Curve section as well !


This is from Zara, and it's super cheap + super cute. 

BAG : 

This is an more expensive piece. But just any rectangle bag will do. I just really like this one ! 


Shoes were SO hard to find. I just decided to go with these Dr Martens, but any chunky/plateforme shoes will work with this look. 


HAT : 

Ok it's not as BIG as the Marc Jacobs one. But let's be realistic here. I think suits better an everyday life kind of outfit !


I love this SO MUCH ! How to wear the most glittery pants and make it look so casual. Amazing. and I'm in love with this jacket by the way. 


Love this color for a suede ! The Ralf Lauren one looks kind of Vintage. But i found this Shein one pretty cool as well ! 


 Never knew there was that many wide legs gold pants out there but that's good to know ! I got two options for this one. They are both super cheap as well! 


BAG : 

You have to be bold to were Glitter AND leopard at the same time, and if you do, I love you. 


Basically statement gold things. I found these ones pretty ! 


I hope you liked these looks as much as me ! 
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Saturday, 4 February 2017

48 hours in Rome on a budget !

HI !★
 I just came back home from an exciting trip to ROME with my best friend!
I took some pictures with my new camera, and I wanted to share them with you, and introduce you to Rome!👌

So, me and Jojo went there for 3 days, including 2 full days, and 1 day to come back home. We stayed in an Air Bnb that was SO CUTE, next to the Porta Forba metro station. It was a super cute and artsy loft with the comfiest king sized bed ever, much needed because we did nothing but walk around every day and we were dead tired.   

Because we were there just for 2 days, we’ve concentrate on the most famous things to see in Rome, as the Coliseum, the Vantican, the St Peter Basilic, the Pantheon, the Trevi’s Fountain... But there is so much more to see there ! And because we were on a budget we haven’t done anything (except the Vatican Museum) that was payable. But again, if you can pay for things, do it! I’m pretty sure we’ve missed so many amazing thing, but honestly we weren’t able to afford it. It was a spontaneous trip haha. But it’s good to know you can still visit Rome on a budget!
 We did everything by taking the metro, it’s super easy and faster than buses. I think we did good going in February, it’s not the best season for Rome, but honestly it was hotter than France, and it was pretty sunny, and there wasn’t too much people, and it was cheaper!  đŸ‘
THE FOOD : Of course it was delicious, and also cheap which is my favourites concepts combined. Pizzas, pastas, wine…. Happiness. 
We had so much and I really recommand you to visit this city, with friends, or with your significant other, or even with your family.

 I let you see the pictures now! Enjoy!

 ah...this bed. I'll miss it forever. 


 I fell in love with these streets...

 SO GORGEOUS. This is inside the Vatican Museum 

 Oh there's me. I'm more of a photographer than a model as you can see by the numer of picture of Jojo haha. We took the dumbest pics in this gallery, I can't even show you, it's embarrassing. 

 How clichĂ©? But how cute tho ?

Thanks you for reading me, I hope you liked my pictures !

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Monday, 16 January 2017

January Wishlist

I spend a lot of time online shopping making baskets and never buy anything. I'm sure you do to. I find it hard sometimes to spend money online, but i tend to spend so much more money on food and Starbucks that i should probably spend this money on Asos instead, you know, for my diet. Anyways. This is what i've been "lurking" on lately.

Je passe beaucoup de temps a faire du shopping en ligne, faire des paniers, et jamais rien achetĂ©. Je sais que vous aussi. J'ai du mal Ă  dĂ©penser sur internet parfois alors que je dĂ©pense sans compter en nourriture et en Starbucks. Je devrais plutĂŽt utiliser cet argent sur Asos pour mon rĂ©gime. bref. VoilĂ  les trucs que je veux mais que j'achĂšte pas en ce moment.

★Gucci's dupe loafers on Asos / Les moccassins imiation Gucci sur Asos. 

Or the real Gucci ones haha. No ? Ok. I can't even spend 50euros on these who am I kidding. But i love them. 

Ou les vraies Gucci haha. Non? Bon d'accord, j'arrive mĂȘme pas a dĂ©penser 50euros pour celle ci, de qui je me moque. Mais je les adore quand mĂȘme. 

This weird but cute River Island bag on Asos. / Ce sac River Island un peu bizarre mais cute sur Asos.

Look at it !!! It's so coool ! But I have too many bags. And this one is kind of special one. Am I ready to spend 25euros on this weird furry thing ? Not yet. 

Regardez ça !!! Il est trop cool ! Mais j'ai trop de sac. Et celui lĂ  est assez dur Ă  porter au quotidien. Suis-je prĂȘte a dĂ©penser 25euros dans cette chose rose et poilue ? Pas encore. 

This perfect stars shirt blouse from Zara / Cette chemise Ă  Ă©toiles parfaite de chez Zara

Why 40euros ??? I just can't. This is not on my budget for a Zara thing. I'll just have to wait for it to be on sale this summer 😭

Pourquoi 40euros ?? ça ne rentre pas dans mon budget Zara pour un seul article ! Je vais devoir attendre qu'elle soit en solde cet Ă©tĂ©. 😭 

This ridiculously cute tea cup from Asos / Cette tasse ridiculement mignonne sur Asos

20 euros is just too much for a cup of tea. But how cute is that ? THERE IS A DOG INSIDE ! 

20euros pour une tasse c'est juste trop pour moi. Mais c'est tellement chou non ? Il y a un chien au fond !!! 

That's all for today, but honestly that could go on forever. I just have difficultly spending my money haha ! You feel the same ? Tell me in the comments. 

Et voilĂ  pour aujourd'hui, mais honnĂȘtement la liste est longue. J'ai juste du mal Ă  depenser mes sous. Vous aussi ? Dites moi tout dans les commentaires !