5 Summer/Spring Outfits For June

Happy June 1st everyone !

Summer is just around the corner now, and I can’t wait to chill at the beach in beautiful Spain next month !

Here’s 5 outfit to look super trendy on sunny days this month !

  Long Dresses are perfect for work, for a everyday life, when it's too hot but you don't feel like going around in shorts. I love this trend SO MUCH, it's so elegant, classy, and chic. I love how you can make it more casual with sneakers or slippers. 

This colour is definitely IN at the moment, it's everywhere ! This is such a great colour to wear when you have a little bit of a tan ! Don't be scared to go total red look, like here, with a red stripes shirt and a red skirt ! 

Same thing for pink ! Let your inner Rizzo stand out with a full pink look, and pair it with pale/nude vintage  accessories and shoes ! I love this look, and it's perfect for summer ! You can be even more extra by doing matching pink outfit with your bff. 

I've seen these types of outfit EVERYWHERE on Pinterest and I'm really digging it. Super easy and fresh, perfect for a spring day. Wear your vintage Levis, and a white blouse of your choice, let your hair down, natural make up (or no make up at all) and voilà ! 

Risqué but super cute. Make sure you don't wear this if you're doing any messy of anything that could potentially stain your outfit haha ! I love love love this look, i think white looks SO GOOD on everyone, it's so fresh and "clean" you know ? 

Thanks so much for reading me today ! What's your favorite one? 
Tell me in the comments !! 

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