Why We All Need A Killer Jacket In Our Closet

          All my life, i’ve been looking for THE jacket. You know, the one that make you feel extra confident, super hot and super cool. 
The jacket that goes with everything you own, and that you can wear everyday of the year.

« A jacket to kick someone’s ass » like it’s said on the show Girlboss.

 I’ve been so inspired by this jacket and the meaning of it on the show (if you haven’t seen it yet, GO NOW, it’s the best show ever)
This is definitely the thing you will spend money on, and that will be worth it, because you will wear it FOREVER. And even when you will grow and stop wearing it eventually, i twill still be the gem of your closet, nobody will be able to touch or wear it. And you will probably never wash it, because you’ll want to keep every memories on it. Like a pair of Dr Martens ( I know you have that pair)

It might take years to find it.You can go designer, or vintage, or high street.... You'll just know when you'll find THE ONE. 

I recently order one that might be it. I’ll just wait to tell if it’s the one when i’ll wear it. But I feel like that jacket is gonna change my life. I need this jacket. I need a boost of confidence for going back to college after summer. I’m probably gonna move out from the family home and go live a new city where I don’t know anybody. So yeah, please Nasty Gal, send the jacket to me ASAP!!!

When I see my powerful jacket in my dreams, I see leather, I see a vintage look to it… I see black, and a bit of colour.

I need this jacket to walk in a fierce way to my new college, my new appartment, my new life, my ADULT LIFE. You feel me ?

What do you see for your powerful jacket ?
 Have you found it yet ? TELL ME !!!!!

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