Sandro Insprired DIY Denim Jacket [Easy]

I saw this Sandro Jacket on a blog a few weeks ago, and since, i'm dying to actually make my own with an old denim jacket of mine. 

Okay it's kind of messy but it's easy ! 

You will need : 

-An old denim jacket
-White pearls beads, or these cute half sticky ones I found at Sostene Green. 

And...Follow these 3 steps : 

1. Cut cut cut 

I want my jacket to have a whole new look, so i'm cutting it. it's very trendy at the moment so here we go. You can also cut the collar, like the actual Sandro one! Try and not cut the pocket, if you have to, you'll just have to sew them back.

2. Pick and Print


Use the symbol tool on Word and make differents sizes or the stars, or any shape you want. Cut them, and draw the outlines on your jacket. I decided to put on both sleeves and one at the front of the jacket. 

3. Glue ! 

Okay this is the part when it gets messy and tricky, I've used a glue gun, but i'm pretty sure you can also use Super Glue or a textile glue. For the glue gun, I was using a little plastic stick to put the glue on the jacket, and then stick the pearls. That was easier ! You don't need that much glue, try to use the least as possible. It's hard at the beginning, but when you find your way to do it, it's okay ! 

And stick stick stick (for hours..) until you're done ! 

And voil√† ! 

I really like how this turned out ! I look like a 2001 Pop singer and i'm loving it. 

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