48 hours in Rome on a budget !

HI !★
 I just came back home from an exciting trip to ROME with my best friend!
I took some pictures with my new camera, and I wanted to share them with you, and introduce you to Rome!👌

So, me and Jojo went there for 3 days, including 2 full days, and 1 day to come back home. We stayed in an Air Bnb that was SO CUTE, next to the Porta Forba metro station. It was a super cute and artsy loft with the comfiest king sized bed ever, much needed because we did nothing but walk around every day and we were dead tired.   

Because we were there just for 2 days, we’ve concentrate on the most famous things to see in Rome, as the Coliseum, the Vantican, the St Peter Basilic, the Pantheon, the Trevi’s Fountain... But there is so much more to see there ! And because we were on a budget we haven’t done anything (except the Vatican Museum) that was payable. But again, if you can pay for things, do it! I’m pretty sure we’ve missed so many amazing thing, but honestly we weren’t able to afford it. It was a spontaneous trip haha. But it’s good to know you can still visit Rome on a budget!
 We did everything by taking the metro, it’s super easy and faster than buses. I think we did good going in February, it’s not the best season for Rome, but honestly it was hotter than France, and it was pretty sunny, and there wasn’t too much people, and it was cheaper!  👍
THE FOOD : Of course it was delicious, and also cheap which is my favourites concepts combined. Pizzas, pastas, wine…. Happiness. 
We had so much and I really recommand you to visit this city, with friends, or with your significant other, or even with your family.

 I let you see the pictures now! Enjoy!

 ah...this bed. I'll miss it forever. 


 I fell in love with these streets...

 SO GORGEOUS. This is inside the Vatican Museum 

 Oh there's me. I'm more of a photographer than a model as you can see by the numer of picture of Jojo haha. We took the dumbest pics in this gallery, I can't even show you, it's embarrassing. 

 How cliché? But how cute tho ?

Thanks you for reading me, I hope you liked my pictures !

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